Västerbergslagens Ingeniörsklubb - VBIK

Club program 2024

24-02-14  About  VBU och för European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO).

Jenny Jansson told a little about herself and more about her work at VBU and for the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO).

With her energy, she enthuses the students to physical activity and to learn much more about space. A group of Ludvika students had direct contact with Sweden's third person in space, Marcus Wandt, at the end of January. Marcus went to the ISS space station on 18 January and the contact consisted of questions and answers via video link.

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24-01-31 Will Sweden be able to generate the huge increase in electricity that industry demands?

Analyzes show that electricity use in Sweden could reach 310 TWh in 2045 - an increase of around 120% from today's 140 TWh.

Professor Harry Frank, who built the unit for FACTS within ABB and is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, commented on the development up to today's energy situation and highlighted the challenge of more than doubling electricity generation in Sweden.

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